Adding Location Plans

Choose Where to Place the Plan

  1. Select: Wrench in the Locations area of the sidebar
  2. Choose: New Location

You can also Right-click on any Folder in the Location Structure to add.

For more info on Batch Import, check out this article: Batch Import

Enter Plan Information

  1. Name - This is a full name of the floor plan, like "Level 3"
  2. Short Code - This is a shortened version of the name, like "3" or "L3"
  3. Choose File - This will open up a dialog where you can choose a PDF plan from your computer.
  4. Scale - Add a scale for this location plan. This is used for in-app measurements and scaled custom sign markers. You can see more info on this here: Scaled Location Plans. Once scaling has been added to a location plan, all future plans must match this scale.
  5. Scale Markers - If you check this, this plan will use custom markers from the "Scaled Custom Markers" section for each sign type, if available.
  6. Save - Don't forget!

Once you've added the new plan, you'll be able to view a comparison between new and old. Check out this article for more info on that: Location Plan Comparisons

Once the plan has been uploaded and rendered, you'll also be able to adjust the opacity. See more on that here: Location Plan Opacity

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