SignAgent has the ability to automatically number your signs for you, with a number of customization options available to fit your needs. This tutorial will show you how to make the most of this feature.

How to Use Auto-Numbering

Using auto-numbering in SignAgent is pretty straightforward. When you create a new sign, leave the number field alone, and Save. SignAgent will then automatically assign a number to the sign based on your preferences.

Typically, this number will take the maximum number that's ever existed on this location plan, and increment by 1.

Setting Auto-Numbering Preferences

  1. Click on your organization name
  2. Choose "Settings"

  1. Choose the Sign ID tab to get to these options
  2. Configuration: This allows you to customize how your sign tags appear on your location plans and in your reports.
  3. Auto-numbering: Here you get to choose from 4 different options:
  • Do Not Auto-Number: This option will not fill out the number field automatically, and you will have to enter number values manually
  • Location: This option will use each number once per location, regardless of type.
  • Type-Location: This option will use each number once per type per location.
  • Type: This option will use each number once per type, regardless of location.
  • Organisation: This option will use each number once throughout the whole organisation. 

4. Highlight Duplication: Here you can choose whether or not you want number duplications (as specified by your auto-numbering settings) to be highlighted by SignAgent.

Don't forget to Save once you're done