Change Log August - September 2018

Change Logs will be released regularly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been recently completed

It's been a while since our last change log, but rest assured we've been hard at work improving SignAgent. A couple of major things...

1. We've been hard at work on the mobile version of SignAgent, which we've begun internal beta testing for. It's not quite ready for public release yet, but it's getting close.
2. We've also performed some major server upgrades, increasing our processing power by more than 300%. Things should run a lot more smoothly now, especially affecting report speed and overall application performance.

Here's a list of other items that have been added or improved since last time.

  • Back button added to reports page
  • Ability to remove "(cloned)" from sign number field automatically
  • Signs placed on an exterior map will now export lat/long coordinates in the Excel Message Schedule
  • Charts in the Project Overview and Dashboard will now update with live data (instead of at the end of the day). This will give you a more accurate overview of how your project is going when you go to check that out.
  • Improved template calculations around the heights of certain text boxes to improve accuracy in some edge cases.
  • Changed the Meta section to Details on the sign details panel.
  • Improved web application for mobile use
  • Ability to specify tracking in artwork templates
  • Fixed bug where organization creation would sometimes lead to an error page, instead of the organization
  • Uploading templates should now only require the specific font, fixing a bug that required other fonts from the font family in certain circumstances
  • New sign types created will now automatically have a unique colour, until otherwise specified or customized.
  • Signs can now be saved using (command + s) or (ctrl + s)