Change Log January 2019

Change Logs will be released regularly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have recently been completed. This one covers all of January 2019.

  1. Improved Notifications Feature with an Inbox and an Archive (so that your archived notifications won't be lost forever.) This also allows access to more notifications at once
  2. Added ability to export location plans without signs
  3. Added email notification when reports are done
  4. Added additional sorting options to PDF Message Schedule
  5. Added Viewer Permissions level for an entire Organization (not just Project)
  6. Added ability to manually input Latitude and Longitude on Exterior Locations
  7. Added Satellite View for Exterior Locations (in browser only, not for exports yet)
  8. Adjusted Logic for exporting Exterior Locations, so that exports will only include areas that include visible signs (and not expand to areas where no signs are visible)
  9. Added AI Script for turning groups into layers, for use in certain fabrication processes
  10. Removed unnecessary visuals from left hand sidebar, for better experience on smaller screens
  11. Improved performance, especially around reports, sign previews on hover, and sign artwork.
  12. Invoices are now downloadable from the Invoices Page
  13. Bug fixed where certain special characters in an Artwork Template would cause issues
  14. Bug fixed where you were unable to scroll through sign list when using Review Filters
  15. Bug fixed where updating the name of a sign type, location, or state wouldn't be immediately reflected in the Sign Details Dialog drop-downs.
  16. Bug fixed where "Details" was still showing up as "Meta" in some areas
  17. Bug fixed where zooming in too far on exterior or tiled location plans would display only grey.
  18. Built an ice rink in Dave's backyard for skating

Note that additional updates have been made on the mobile beta application around performance and features in preparation for the upcoming launch.