Change Log July 2020

Change Logs will be released monthly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in SignAgent in the past month.

  1. Major update to Adding Fields to Sign Types, with a few major parts
    1. Added ability to add new fields from signs with no fields
    2. Added menu to jump right to Editing the Sign Type Fields from the sign
    3. Added ability to add fields to multiple signs at once
    4. Improved interface in the Fields tab of the Type Edit page, making it much easier to add multiple fields or remove fields,  and links to the Manage Fields page.
  2. Minor Billing Improvements, especially around notifications for credit cards
  3. Improvements to the New Account process
  4. Improvement to the Align Commands: You can now "chain" align commands, so you can align to an element that is aligned to something else
  5. Fixed bug where deleting a Document would take you back to the map, instead of the Manage Documents page
  6. Fixed bug where signs from mobile would sometimes reset their direction upon saving.
  7. Fixed bug around the right-click options within the Customizable Report pages
  8. Added some clarifying help text to the New Organization, Starter Organization, and Clone Organization pages
  9. Changed some colours for Delete and Take me Back
  10. Renamed Starter Organization to *Starter Organization, for alphabetization purposes
  11. Celebrated Canada Day