Change Log June 2019

Change Logs will be released monthly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in SignAgent in the past month.

  1. Added ability to upload multiple floor plans at once when creating locations.
  2. Increased functionality for "Default" tab in Sign Type page. Can now include Detail Fields as well as Message Fields.
  3. Added a horizontal scroll bar to the Manage Messages page
  4. Adjusted folder opening speed in left-hand sidebar to make sorting easier
  5. Added ability in artwork creation to include standard ligatures in artwork templates for custom fonts.
  6. Fixed bug where languages couldn't be removed from Manage Messages page (even if they weren't being used).
  7. Fixed bug in artwork creation where some spacing in repeating messages was incorrectly calculated.
  8. Fixed bug in artwork creation where some visuals' sizing were being incorrectly calculated.
  9. Fixed bug in artwork creation where dynamic text colouring wasn't working properly

Additional work was done in the mobile app, including performance improvements and working towards making fields editable. More details for this can be found on the application page in the App Store