Change Log March 2021

Change Logs will be released monthly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in SignAgent in the past month.

This month had a lot of performance upgrades and bug fixes, so it might not be as thrilling as other months. We'll be back to feature development in April!

  1. Fixed performance issue with expanded sign list, increasing overall stability and speed.
  2. Improved Search to include message defaults and inherited fields
  3. Improvements to the Manage Documents page, making it much easier to navigate and use.
  4. Fixed bug where extremely complicated sign artwork was taking too long to generate and failing
  5. Repeating fields now align properly within the sign window.
  6. Improved descriptions of licensing on invoices
  7. Fixed bug where visuals of different sizes were not aligning properly in artwork.
  8. Fixed bug where attachments or photos were not displaying after org copy
  9. Fixed bug where hover wasn't showing the newest photo
  10. Added confirmation message when someone successfully adds credit card information
  11. Sign ID now includes zone short-code, where applicable
  12. Upgraded production server, which provides a number of benefits to performance
  13. Upgraded back-end code versions, which provides a number of benefits to performance.
  14. Fixed bug where users were able to delete global fields from sign types.
  15. Zones are now properly highlighted when working within them.
  16. Review filter is now within the Advanced Search
  17. Made caching improvements to greatly speed up artwork and reporting.