Change Log November 2018

Change Logs will be released regularly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have recently been completed.

  1. Added Major Feature: Message Translations - This feature keeps track of all unique messages within certain fields, and allows you to add translations to them for other languages, or for colours or symbols.
  2. Interface updates, including updates to colours of certain buttons around the application
  3. Added pages to dashboard, for users with more than 20 projects on the go.
  4. Fixed bug where copying an organization with message translations wasn't working
  5. Fixed bug where long messages weren't being found properly by the search function.
  6. General performance improvements
  7. Put up Christmas Trees way too early.


Note that in addition to these, November saw the launch of SignAgent Pro 4, and the ability to manage your legacy licenses through the SignAgent web application.

Additionally, lots more work was done with the beta version of the SignAgent mobile application in preparation for its launch in 2019.