Change Log October 2018

Change Logs will be released regularly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed recently.

There's been lots of smaller changes this time around, and the mobile application is ready for public beta testing! If you're interested in giving that a try, let us know!

  • Colours exported to Excel will now show their proper name (instead of a generic ID value)
  • Colour Choices now show properly for sign hovers, expanded list views, and PDF Message Schedules when there is no artwork
  • Ability to customize the Sign ID on the location plan
  • Ability to search by user, to see only signs that have been edited or commented on by that user
  • Improved documentation on template creation, which allows for more precise tracking of leading and tracking values
  • Multiple improvements with sign artwork, including improved performance and bug fixes
  • Further improved report generation, allowing for infinite reports to be run at once without having to queue behind each other
  • Fixed bug where some PDF uploading wasn't working
  • Picture attachments are now cloned when a sign is cloned
  • Fixed bug where some artwork was having white borders applied, or cutting off edges
  • Improved session tracking for users.
  • Ate too much Halloween candy