Change Log October 2019

Change Logs will be released monthly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in SignAgent in the past month.

  1. New Feature: Photo Export Report - You can now export all photos (in your found set) with logical folder structure and filenames.
  2. Improvement to Existing Excel Report - A new sheet added called "Message Schedule" includes all uniform columns, making it easier to sort or search. Previous version is now in a sheet called "Grouped by Type"
  3. Improvements to Review Process - Now, after approving or rejecting a sign, it will move you to the next, visible sign in your list.
  4. Performance Improvements, especially on locations with lots of densely placed signs.
  5. Colours on Mobile now accurately reflect state colour override settings
  6. Background improvements to codebase, allowing for more robust API connections and implementation of advanced features without sacrificing performance.
  7. Fixed Bug where search was sometimes omitting contents of signs with multiple sides and columns
  8. Fixed Bug where some users with limited permissions would get nasty errors when rearranging sign types and folders in the left-hand sidebar
  9. Fixed bug where false user credentials could be used to log in to the mobile app when offline (leading to an empty home screen)
  10. Fixed bug where some repeating messages were being hidden or cut off on some mobile devices
  11. Fixed bug where creating a new sign on mobile would always choose the first sign in the list, instead of the most recently used.
  12. Fixed bug where choice fields on mobile weren't filtering properly for some users.
  13. Designed a "Sign Agent" halloween costume. It was just Jacob in a SignAgent polo.