Change Log September 2020

Change Logs will be released monthly to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in SignAgent in the past month.

  1. Added ability to create new sign types directly from the sign form
  2. Made improvements to tiling of large floor plans
  3. Improved the left-hand sidebar so that the the sign count numbers update dynamically, instead of on a refresh
  4. Moved delete button on signs, to be more consistent with the rest of the platform
  5. Fixed bug where custom uploaded artwork was sometimes not being generated in reports
  6. Fixed bug where, in rare occasions, some locations weren't available to select in the batch import.
  7. Fixed rare bug where some non-outlined SVG exports would export at an adjacent font weight.
  8. Improved generation of artwork in the expanded list view
  9. Made API improvements, helping especially in larger syncs
  10. Adjusted back-end server architecture from Elastic Beanstalk to ECS. This will lead to quicker and smoother feature launches and deployments, as well as an improvement in overall performance.
  11. Enjoyed pumpkin spice everything.