Choosing a Font/Marker Scale

How did the snake get across the ocean? He used a scale-boat!

Not sure what scale to choose? This article will give you some good rule of thumb choices for different sizes of location plans.

Note that these will vary if your plans don't take up the majority of the page size, or if it's scaled large or small compared to the page.

Page Size Page Name Font/Marker Scale Real Marker Size after Export
8.5” x 11” Letter 1 0.05"
11” x 17” Tabloid 2 0.1"
24” x 36” Architectural D 3 - 4 0.15” - 0.2"
36” x 48” Architectural E 4 - 6 0.2” - 0.3"

Note that you can also use decimals like 1.5 if you'd prefer something in between!