How to Set up a Blank Organization

You can set up a new organization from your SignAgent™ Dashboard. To access this, simply click on the SignAgent™ logo in the top-left corner of the page.

Once you're here, you can click on the button that says "+ New Organization", in the top-left corner of your screen

  1. Name - Give a Name to the new Organization
  2. Admins - Anyone you add here will have full access to this organization, including the ability to see and edit all signs and all permissions. Do not remove your own email from this field.
  3. Viewers - Anyone you add here will be able to see all signs within the organization and leave comments on those signs, but will be unable to make any changes to the signs or the organization directly.
  4. Save - Click here to save the organization. This will take you directly into this new, blank organization. Note that this organization will have 1 sample project, state, location, and sign type, which you'll be able to edit as you need to.