Importing Sign Types

I think you'll find this feature import-ant

Ever needed a set of sign types from another organization, but you didn't copy them over when you first started? This new feature can help!

1. Choose Import Sign Types

First, click on the wrench in the "Sign Types" section of the left-hand sidebar, and choose the Import Sign Types option.

2. Choose your Sign Family

Next, choose your folders of sign types that you'd like to import in.

When you've found it, choose Import Sign Types.

This will start the import process, which may take some time, depending on if your signs have templates, complicated field set-ups, etc.

Note that you can only import the deepest layer of folders.

Note that this process will just run in the background, so you can work on other things until it is complete. You may see a partial set of sign types as the import process continues, and you'll get a notification letting you know when the process is finished. When this happens, refresh your page, and you should see all the appropriate signs types.

3. Complete!

You can now see all the sign types that you've imported in from your other organization.