Inviting Users to Organization

First, you'll have to go to your organization dropdown menu. To get there, just click on the Organization name from anywhere within that organization, and choose "Settings". You can find that near the top of the page, next to the sidebar.

If you don't see any organization name here, you may still be in your overall dashboard. Navigate to your Organization first, by clicking on it on-screen.

You should be in the Permissions tab, where you will see 2 different fields for inviting new users.

  1. Admins - Any users added here will have the ability to access and edit any and all projects, permissions, signs, and other areas of this organization.
  2. Viewers - Any users added here will have the ability to view all signs, location plans, and many other areas of this organization, but they will not be able to make changes. They will also be able to leave comments to any signs.

To add new users, just type in their email into one of these fields and press Enter (or return). Don't forget to click Save once you're done.

If you want to limit users' access (for editing or viewing) to only certain areas of the organization, consider inviting them to a project or state instead. You can see details on how to do that here:

Inviting Users to Project
Inviting Users to State

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