Manage Visuals

Why do graphic designers make bad drummers?
Because they spend too much time adjusting their SYMBOLS!

You can upload your own images to SignAgent™ for use in sign artwork. This tutorial will show you how to upload and categorize these images.

Note that SignAgent refers to all images, symbols, maps, graphics, logos, etc. that are uploaded into the system as VISUALS.

1. Go to the Manage Visuals Screen

Click the drop-down list with your organization's name (near the top-left corner of the screen), and choose the Manage Visuals option

2. Select the Visual to Customize OR Create a New Visual

This page is split up into 2 sections, Visuals and Markers.

Visuals are graphic elements that are referenced by your signs, such as symbols, logos, graphics, or maps. In this area, you can see the list of existing visuals, and what fields they're allowed to be used by.

Markers are custom shapes that can be used as custom markers for different sign types. This area shows a listing of custom markers in this organization. See more information on these here: Custom Markers

To edit any existing visual or marker, select it by clicking on it.

To create a new visual or marker, click the "+ new visual" button

To batch import multiple visuals and/or markers at once, click the "+ batch import" button.

If you want to narrow down this page to only the visuals for a certain field, you can do that using the Field dropdown at the top.

3. Create/Customize Visual

On this page, you have a few options to customize this visual.

  1. Preview - This is a preview of what this visual will look like.
  2. Use Dark Background - This allows you to toggle the background colour displayed in visuals using transparencies. Can be useful for white or light visuals with transparent backgrounds.
  3. Name - This is the name that will be displayed in the visual drop-down list, so be sure to give it something clear. If you leave this blank, it will default to the image name
  4. Image - Here,  you can upload the visual file that you'd like to be displayed. Note that SVGs are vectorized, whereas PNGs are not.
  5. Use As Marker - Check this if this is for a custom marker.
  6. Fields - Here, you can choose what fields this visual will be allowed to be used by. For example, an arrow visual might only be used in an Arrow field, or a map visual might only be used in a Map field. Make sure you put at least one field in here though if you want to be able to use this visual in your signs. Note that markers can leave this field blank.
  7. Editors - If blank, then only admins can adjust this visual. If you add users' emails in here, then they'll be able to edit this visual as well.
  8. Save - Click this once you're done, and all changes will be saved. (Don't forget!)
  9. Delete - If you're editing a visual, you'll have the option to delete it as well, if it's not being used by any existing signs