Multi-Line Templates and Leading

Follow the leading!

  • Want to see this in action? Check out a step-by-step video here: Artwork 201
  • This tutorial will show you how to create multi-line templates and add exact leading values into your templates. Note that this is only necessary if your messages will break across multiple lines.

1. Set up your Sign in Illustrator

For more detailed instructions on how to do this, check out this tutorial: Create Simple Room ID Sign

The specific detail you should check out here is the leading value (you can find this in the Character Styles panel). In this case it's 62 pt

2. Adding Leading Value to Bounding Box Layer

The leading value gets exported to your SignAgent Template through the bounding box layer name. To do this, just add "leading: XX pt" (where XX is your leading value)

So, for example, this bounding box layer would now be named "left, top, leading: 62 pt"

You can also use other units of measurement, including
inch, in, feet, foot, ft, yard, yd, millimeter, millimetre, mm, centimeter, centimetre, c, meter, metre, pica, pi, point, pt

3. Remove Second Line from Text

The final step before exporting is to remove the second line of text from your template.

Having multiple lines of text within the SVG during export can cause conflicts between line spacing and reference points and can sometimes interfere with the behaviour of the template.

4. Save, Export, and Upload to SignAgentâ„¢

For details on how to save, export, and upload this template, refer back to this tutorial: Create Simple Room ID Sign