Takeoffs & Estimating Webinar


Takeoffs and estimates are an essential part of your business, enabling you to land new jobs and align customer value with your business needs.

Do you struggle with this process or want tips to increase efficiency and accuracy during this phase of projects? In this webinar, SignAgent President, David Jorritsma, explains how you can use SignAgent to create a streamlined and repeatable process for estimating and takeoffs that will establish the right price points and set your projects up for success. You’ll learn why doing sign counts in SignAgent are important and how you can use the process to improve the profitability of your work.

Webinar Agenda:

Who performs Takeoffs? (2:51)
What is at stake? (3:20)
Revenue (4:27)
Profitability (5:46)
Reputation (6:42)
Learning & Sharing (9:16)
Estimating - Demos (14:53)