What is SignAgent Mobile?

The easiest way to see the power of the SignAgent Mobile App is to see it in action!

Check out this 2-minute explainer video here:

SignAgent Mobile is the compliment to SignAgent's web platform that has all the tools for surveying, installations, and fabrication tracking. The SignAgent mobile app is a native iOS app that allows you to view your projects on an iPhone or iPad and begin taking pictures, adding comments, assign sign types, approve/reject, and sync all that information back up to your project on SignAgent online. 

Site Surveys

SignAgent Mobile will help you complete all your site surveys quickly and efficiently. Start by setting up your project on the web (location plans, sign states, sign types) and sync the project to your mobile device. Then view the list of your projects and plans, move around the floorplan by pinching your fingers to zoom, and tap and hold somewhere on the plan to take a picture and collect all the pertinent sign information. Once your survey is completed, sync your project back to the SignAgent cloud. 


Assign an installer to a sign state (installation) and set their permission actions to, for example, installed and defect. Send them to the field so they can take a picture of each sign and mark them as listed. 


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