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Thin Client Mode

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This article will detail what "Thin Client Mode" is, and how to activate it.

What is Thin Client Mode?

Thin Client Mode is a preference available for the SignAgent mobile app, which is used to optimize syncing and save space on your device.

When thin client is ON, the app will not sync down specific location plans or specific sign artwork unless the user specifically navigates to those plans or signs.

This can speed up initial syncing and save space on your device, but it does mean you'll likely want to have a data or wifi connection when using the SignAgent mobile app.

When thin client is OFF, the app will sync down everything. All location plans, and all artwork for every sign.

Depending on the size of your projects, this means the syncing process may take some time. However, it will allow you to use the SignAgent mobile app completely offline.

How to Toggle Thin Client Mode

First, go the SignAgent mobile app settings by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the "Projects" screen

Then, scroll down to "Advanced" and select "Thin client mode".

Your preference will affect your next sync, so it's probably best to adjust this before syncing down the bulk of your information.


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