SignAgent Importing and ExportingExporting Reports: What's New

Exporting Reports: What's New

It's finally here! Customizable reports are being launched first week of March 2020, so there's some slight changes in how you're running reports from SignAgent

1. Report Name

Starter Organization - Jesse - SignAgent

You can now add custom names to your report! This will affect the naming of the compressed folder available for download, allowing you to more easily differentiate between reports within SignAgent

2. PDF Message Schedule

Starter Organization - Jesse - SignAgent

Your PDF Message Schedules are now customizable! The existing SignAgent message schedule that you know and love is still there by default, called Message Schedule. There are some other default options in there as well, including a nice Sign Count Report and some others.

To run a message schedule just like you could before this update, just choose Message Schedule and export as usual!

Note that the default reports are not customizable, but you can easily copy them and make changes to those copies. See how to do this here: Customizable Reports

3. Manage Documents

Starter Organization - Jesse - SignAgent

You'll also notice there's a new "Manage Documents" page in the organization drop-down. This is where you can view all customizable reports that you've created and make changes as necessary.

See more information on this here: Manage Documents


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