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This series will walk you through the basics of customizing reports in SignAgent.

This tutorial will go over the Manage Documents page

The manage documents page is a summary of all available documents for you to choose from when exporting a PDF Report from SignAgent.

Jesse - Demo Org - SignAgent

First, go to the Manage Documents page, under your Organizational Drop-down menu

Jesse - Demo Org - SignAgent

Here, there are 2 sections:

  1. Default Reports: This is the reports that all organizations have access to, and they can't be edited directly. Clicking on one of these will create a copy that you can then make changes to.
  2. Custom Reports: These are reports that you've created for this organization specifically. Clicking on one of these will open it up for customization.

For the following tutorials, I'll be looking at Jesse's Custom Report, which is based on the Message Schedule - Original


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