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Create an Account

First, you'll have to go to

When you arrive, click Register to create your new account

When you get to this page, you'll have to enter your email and choose a password.

Note that, rather than basing it on specific character criteria, you just have to avoid using words, names, common passwords, or keyboard patterns. Some examples that WON'T work are:


Some examples that WILL work are:

oh password my password
this whole court is out of order
I just can't wait to be king
I love SignAgent

A good general rule is to use 2 or more words that are easy to remember, but aren't the same.


Once you've created your account, you should get a message asking you to verify your email, and then you'll be able to input other information, including your name and Organization.
Once that's done, our staff will begin the process of creating and setting up your account behind the scenes.

You'll get one more email message once your account is ready to go, and then you can go ahead and log in at


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