SignAgent Importing and ExportingExporting Reports (Location Plans, Sign Counts and Message Schedules)

Exporting Reports (Location Plans, Sign Counts and Message Schedules)

When your client is ready to review your work, the easiest way for them to do that is for you to invite them directly to the project so they can see the live data. You can see how to do that here: Inviting Users to Project

If your client doesn't want to do that, or if you need a static export from a specific point in time, here's how to Export Reports of Location Plans, Sign Counts, Message Schedules, and Sign Artwork

Visibility Settings

Before you go to export your report, you should make sure you adjust your visibility settings to reflect what you want included in your reports.

Note that any reports you run will only display information that is currently filtered on. So if you've deselected any projects, states, locations, or types, they will not be included in this export. Also note that any locations with no signs on them will be excluded from this export.

You can find more details on filtering here: Visibility Settings

Exporting Sign Reports

In any area in the application where you can see your list of signs, click the wrench in your sign list and choose "Export"

You can also click "Export" in the drop-down menu under your organization name.

Adjusting Report Settings

In this page, you can adjust some details about your reports.

  1. PDF Locations - Export as PDFs - Here you can choose if you want location plans to be included in this report export. If the box is unchecked, no location plans will be exported.
  2. PDF Locations - Font and Marker Scale - You can scale the font and marker size on this page by entering numbers to scale by.
    For example, entering "2" will double the size of the marker or font. Entering "0.25" will make the marker or font 25% of the size.
  3. Excel Message Schedule - Here you can choose if you want an excel summary report to be included in this report export. Note also that you can choose a sorting order.
    This Excel sheet will include a Sign Matrix (which shows a summary of sign counts per location), a Sign Estimate, an overall Message Schedule, and Message Schedules broken down by Sign Type.
  4. PDF Message Schedule - Here you can choose if you want to export a PDF message schedule in this report export. It will appear very similar to the expanded list view in SignAgent. Note that you can choose a sorting order, and you can also choose whether or not to include certain information.
  5. PDF Technical Drawings - If you've added technical drawings into the details of your sign types, you can choose to have these included in this report export.
  6. PDF Sign Artworks - If you've added templates for your sign types, you can choose to have these included in your report export. Note that each sign will have its own artwork PDF, and the PDF should be vectorized and the correct size, based on the template you created.

When you're done adjusting your settings, click Export. These settings will be saved for future exports as well.

Downloading your Completed Report

This will take some time to compile, depending on the size of the project, but you'll get a notification in-app once it's ready.

When you get the notification icon on your profile image in the top-right corner, click there and choose Reports in the drop-down list.

In here, simply click the file under "Result" to download it. This download link will expire after some time, so make sure you download it if you need a permanent copy.


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