SignAgent Change LogsChange Log 2018-02-23

Change Log 2018-02-23

Change Logs will be released weekly (on Fridays) to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in the past week.

  1. Adjusted and clarified project scopes under the new Mandate Tab. Note that Project mandates will include all data in the organization by default, unless changed.
  2. Also overhauled the project details edit interface (related to 1.)
  3. Removed "broken photo" link/image from expanded sign list view
  4. Adjusted imported location plan colour saturation to be more accurate with original file.
  5. Improved Expanded Sign List to be a bit smarter; it now remembers your position, page, sorting, and settings. This should make message entry a lot quicker!
  6. Bug that affected text-wrapping in sign artwork has been squashed
  7. Bug that made states in imported projects invisible to viewers (even when they have the required permissions) has been fixed
  8. When cloning a sign, the number field now reflects this.
  9. Moved the big ugly green feedback button to the user settings drop-down menu (in the top-right corner) right under support.


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