SignAgent TroubleshootingOTF Font not Rendering Correctly

OTF Font not Rendering Correctly

Is one of your fonts not displaying properly, or at all, in your artwork templates? Certain OTF fonts don't display properly in SignAgent™ right now. We're working on a fix for this, but as a workaround, you can just convert the font to a TTF file

1. Find the Font that's not working properly

You can do this either through a font management program like FontBook or just by searching your computer's files for the file name.

2. Upload the font to an Online Font Converter

We've used the one found here:

Choose the TTF option, and upload your font.

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3. Download the Converted Font, and re-add to SignAgent™

Once the conversion is complete, download the font, and save it somewhere logical for future use.

You'll now need to upload the new TTF font to SignAgent™. You can see details on how to do this here: Adding Fonts

As always, do not use or distribute fonts that you don't have the appropriate licensing rights for.


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