SignAgent Change LogsChange Log 2018-06-15

Change Log 2018-06-15

Change Logs will be released weekly (on Fridays) to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in the past week.

  1. Bug fixed that was causing reports to fail in very rare occasions
  2. Fixed bug that was stopping users from being able to rearrange states.
  3. Added auto-numbering settings so that users can choose how they want their signs numbered as they're created.
  4. Fixed bug where adding a sign sometimes took a couple tries when another sign was already selected.
  5. Added sorting options for the sign list in the standard view.
  6. Fixed bug where some messages were unable to be rearranged between columns
  7. Added Feature where states can be assigned a "color over-ride" that will override the colours assigned to sign types.
  8. General improvements to reporting, especially around the queueing process. This allows for more reports to run in parallel, greatly reducing queuing times during peak reporting periods.


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