SignAgent Change LogsChange Log 2018-07-06

Change Log 2018-07-06

Change Logs will be released weekly (on Fridays) to let you know about new features, bug fixes, or other changes that have been completed in the past week.

Lots of template improvements over the last few weeks, allowing for even greater customization in your automatic artwork generation.

  1. We cleaned up the field template structure in the Template tab, within the Sign Type Edit page. This now gives a clearer list of functions you can reference within your templates (or calculations)
  2. Improved the accuracy of alignment boxes slightly. This won't affect any existing templates, but helps with some of the other features that were pushed this week.
  3. Added the capability to include leading in templates with multi-line messaging.
  4. Improved the slide capability in templates (slide up, slide left, slide right, slide down), and fixed a bug with using spacers in conjunction with slide
  5. Fixed bug where if the first word in a message was longer than the entire length of the bounding box, the artwork wouldn't render.
  6. Fixed bug where, in rare occasions, slides wouldn't work with symbols.
  7. Fixed bug with conditional graphics not functioning correctly when referencing text fields.


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