Adding Dynamic Colours

Do you have colours in your templates that change based on level, zone, or other criteria? This tutorial will teach you how to include customizable colours in your sign artwork.

1. Creating the Template

When creating the template, just include a layer item with the following characteristics:

  • A coloured rectangle
  • The name should match your colour (hexcode) or colour (choice) field name in SignAgentâ„¢. In this example, we'll use "color"

Everything else should be built out as normal.

2. Creating the Sign Type

Create your sign type as normal, just be sure that your "color" field is of the field type "Colour (hexcode)" or "Colour (choice)"

For more info on how to do that, check out this article: Manage Fields

You can easily check this field by clicking on the link icon to the right of the field name

3. Create your Sign

Now, whenever you fill out that colour field, the coloured rectangle from your template will change colours accordingly.

BONUS: Coloured Text

What if you want to have text with customizable colours? Here's how to do that.

1. Add color to Bounding Box in AI file

To have the text match the color of your color field, just add "color:{COLOR FIELD NAME}"

So, in this example, the bounding box for occupant_name is left, top, color:{color}

The text within the braces should match exactly the name of your color field.

Note that everything else about this sign type and template is the same as in the previous example

2. Create your Sign

Note that the text will now match the colour chosen in the "Color" field