OCR - Optical Character Recognition

It's only OCR if a computer does it, otherwise we just call it reading.

OCR is a feature in SignAgent where our system automatically detects text within your uploaded photos and allows you to copy that text for use in other fields.

To maximize the accuracy of this feature, make sure you take your photo straight on, with the sign taking up as much of the frame as you can.

  • Note that any extraneous text may also get detected, so try to avoid that if you can.
  • Note that this text may not be 100% accurate, and won't detect symbols or arrows, so you may still need to make some adjustments
  1. Click on this button to Copy text to your clipboard. (You can also just select and copy text as usual)
  2. Choose Hide all Detected Text will hide the OCR feature and text from all signs in the organization. To bring it back, click on this menu button and choose Show all Detected Text